Business box

Why does business lunch need to be of one choice? With our business box, you can taste every course of a complete meal but in a smart version.
Appetizer, first course, main course and dessert in small portions, with all the calories and fats pointed out for every dish. All of our dishes are made with the highest quality ingredients, to make business lunch something so pleasant that will satisfy also the most demanding palate. First course or main? Why not both? Every day we offer you different mixes to ensure you a varied diet, a healthy and full of energies one to continue your day.


Do you have food allergies? Don’t worry, because at Art Bistrot you can find lactose-free, vegetarian and vegan meals, but also gluten-free pasta. Thanks to our wide menu you can taste your lunch totally safe and in total respect of your allergies/intolerances.


Have you got little time to have lunch but you don’t want to give up taste? We have sandwiches, piadinas, pizza on a peel, all ready to be eaten in a
short span of time but always with great attention on the selection of the ingredients. From the cured meats to the vegetables and cheese, to our
salads, everything is made fresh everyday by the hands of our expert cooks. The palate says thank you, the day goes on.