Bread is the base to create a good hamburger. That’s why we make it everyday with a long natural leavening, selection of the best flours and perfect cooking by checking temperature and humidity.
We don’t use just the classic bread, but also flavoured ones: turmeric (yellow), beetroot (red), spirulina algae (green), charcoal (black). We also have 5 cereals, wholemeal and gluten-free bread.
Choose your favourite and match the meat burger you like.


Why only beef burgers? After a caring and accurate selection we decided to offer you more than just the classic one. Kangaroo, deer, wagyu, pata negra
and pezzata rossa (Fleckvieh) are just some of the meat types with which we make our burgers. Served with the right ingredients they create an explosion of unique tastes that will have your mouth watering down to the last bite.
And what’s more is that we also have vegetarian, vegan and fish burgers. Discover them all, create your favourite match.


Homemade rustic fries are the ones we serve with every single one of our burgers. They’re fried with olive oil, always fully cooked, dried and absolutely
not greasy. Try them with barbecue and burger sauces, as well as the timeless ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard.