la cena

for all tastes

From 7 pm every night, starts the dinner at Art Bistrot. Our wide menu offers appetizers, fist courses and main courses made of fish, meat, vegetables and Also our homemade desserts.


Our dinner also offers gluten-free meals, first and main courses and our homemade burgers.


The “Mancini” pasta factory, famous for the quality of its pasta, is the protagonist of our first courses based on homemade meat sauces, tasty
sauces, filled pasta, lasagna, risotto, and much more.

the grid

Our grid will surprise you by cooking fillet, steaks, Salisbury Steak, gourmet Burgers, ribs, but also fish fillets and grilled vegetables conferring the unmistakable smoking taste.



We prepare homemade cakes daily, for example our cheesecakes and red velvets, spoon desserts, sorbets, and other sins of gluttony to which is
impossible to resist.