After many years of experience in the catering industry and professional training courses we’ve learnt unique art milk techniques for the making of the perfect cappuccino. Art milk taught us to create for you not only the perfect balance between milk and coffee, but also the visual care to give you the
right boost to start the day. Our choice couldn’t be other than “Carraro” coffee, a coffee roaster that makes of quality its business philosophy. Combined with the latte cream the Art Bistrot cappuccino takes form.


Today, milk has become an important choice for one’s own dietary needs but also for our taste. This is the reason why we didn’t limit ourselves to the
classic fresh whole milk but also to natural alternatives with root extracts and plants capable of giving psychophysical wellness. Soya milk, almond, beetroot, spirulina algae and cinnamon are just some examples. And for the sweet tooth we also make Kinder Bueno, Mars, Bounty, snickers latte. You just have to come and try them!


Have you ever heard about a cereals menu? Here you can find more than 30 types of cereals, also gluten-free, to mix with our different types of milk. We have types of milk coming from Japan to the US, Europe and Italy. Alternative colours and tastes will allow you to choose your favourite one to give vitality to your breakfast. We all grew up eating the funniest and most classic breakfast: milk and cereals. Then why having it at home instead of a
familiar place with various choices?