Our bakery will make your taste buds go crazy! To Create good pastries is for pastry chefs, but to also make them look good is for artists. Everyday, Art
Bistrot offers you fruit extracts, herbal teas, biological juices, cheesecakes, donuts, cupcakes, brownies, muffins, cookies and much more. You can spend your afternoon in a modern and cozy place eating small
pieces of art. We also offer some delicious alternatives for celiacs and vegans, using gluten-free products and without animal derivatives. The clock of Piazza Bra is the setting of our outside dining area, and it creates the perfect atmosphere throughout all day. And don’t forget about our milk art, that’s able to customize your milk-based drinks with drawings or images that you get to decide yourselves. All of this is possible thanks to courses and studies to learn this particular technique.
All of our products are also takeaway and you can easily eat them walking. In summer you cannot miss our homemade ice-cream.